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agnès b. is pleased to present Apology: Flowers & Candy, a group exhibition of photographs, paintings, drawings, and poems curated by Jesse Pearson, the founder and editor of Apology—a new quarterly magazine of literature and culture.

Pearson, previously an editor at index magazine and the eight-year editor-in-chief of Vice magazine, founded Apology in the winter of 2013 to, as he has written, offer an “apologia against what I see as the problematic state of magazines today.” The magazine has been met with praise from the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Fast Co. Taking the idea of apology as its launching pad, the exhibition Flowers & Candy offers varied takes on these two classic gifts of remorse. In work that ranges from beautiful and delicate to coarse and funny, the seemingly banal subjects of flowers and candy will be presented in many guises.

Participating artists include regular collaborators of Pearson and Apology such as Roe Ethridge, Terry Richardson, Tim Barber, Tara Sinn, and Richard Kern. Also appearing will be newer voices such as Sandy Kim, Daniel Arnold, Jerry Hsu, Sammy Harkham, paintings by Jim Krewson and Duncan Hannah, and more.

Bespoke desserts will be provided by Apology contributor and 2013 James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Pastry Chef, Del Posto’s Brooks Headley. Cocktails and beer will be provided by Art in the Age.

About Jesse Pearson

Jesse Pearson is a writer, editor, and curator. He was the editor-in-chief of Vice magazine from 2002 until 2010, when he resigned. Before that, he received unemployment benefits from the State of New York. Before both of those things, he was an editor at index magazine. Pearson co-edited the 2004 group art book entitled Catholic. It was about cats. He currently has two cats named Pickles and Schweppes. He conceived, produced, and directed the internet television series Soft Focus and Shot by Kern. In February of 2013, Pearson founded the quarterly magazine Apology, which he edits and art directs. He recently edited a book of nude photos entitled Nudity Today and is a contributor of journalism to Playboy and GQ. He is currently at work on his first nonfiction book.

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