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Pareidolic Behaviour

Monday – Saturday 11 – 7, Sunday 12 – 6 (6-9pm)

agnès b. is pleased to present Pareidolic Behaviour by Romon “Rostarr” Yang at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique in Soho, NY. The exhibition will include drawings taken from his sketchbook, neons created from drawings, and a mural painted especially for the occasion. This will be Rostarr’s first solo exhibition at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique and follows previous exhibitions and group shows with agnès b. in New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Drawings in the exhibition date from 2000 – 2018. Each drawing is unique and abstract. In his drawings, Rostarr will use pen, marker, or pencil to create both imaginary and recognizable characters. The drawings can include colors of red, green, blue, or black against a white background or bold black lines. Some drawings are colored over with calligraphy-style drawings, or outlined in red, while others are left simple and clean.

The neon lights in the exhibition are taken from sketchbook drawings. One drawing is a simple outline of a man’s profile. The other drawing is of an imaginary mystic creature in red and white. In both drawings, the lines are simple, revealing curiosities. The mural in the show will be spontaneously drawn on a 15 foot wall maintaining the artist’s graffiti- and calligraphy-influenced freehand style.

agnès b. first met Rostarr in NYC in the early 2000s, where she recognized his unique style. In 2002, agnès b. offered an empty space on Greene Street to Rostarr, Lee Quinones and Jose Parla, for an exhibition titled Boomerang, which was their way of showing a city on the mend after the events that took place in September the year before. The show featured over-sized works from the three artists, works that were detailed, abstract, and graphic. It was their way to show that New York was bouncing back. The three works are now in agnès b.’s personal art collection.

about rostarr

Romon ‘Rostarr’ Yang is a multidisciplinary artist in painting, abstract calligraphy, large scale murals and experimental filmmaking. Born in South Korea in 1971, at the age of one, his family immigrated to Washington D.C. and in 1989 he moved to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts, where he majored in graphic design and printmaking. Always creating in a spontaneous manner, he is continually striving to find freedom within style, medium and form, and building upon the iconographic visual language he terms ‘Graphysics,’ a word that exemplifies the geometric dynamism characteristic in his work. Rostarr is also a founding member of the art collective Barnstormers, established in 1999 by David Ellis and comprised of more than 30 artists from NYC & Tokyo. Rostarr lives and works in New York City.

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