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This signature design, originally created by agnès b. in 1979 at her Paris boutique at 3 rue du Jour, has become a timeless classic. Originally unisex, its immense success has since been adapted for all shapes and sizes. The snap cardigan is now an emblem of agnès b. style, reflecting her type of fashion: a fashion that is for living and alive with the spirit of the times; a wardrobe adapted to each and every personality, which will last for a long time. Asked about the snap cardigan, agnès b. says, “A long time ago, I designed a cardigan for myself. I wanted a sweatshirt that opened down the front, with a lot of press studs so that it looked like something from the Renaissance, a piece of children’s clothing for grown-ups or vice versa.”

In 1986, during the Paris Month of Photography, agnès b. invited photographers to create an image using her iconic snap cardigan. Many great photographers, including Martine Franck, Steve Hiett, Dominique Isserman, Jean Baptiste Mondino and Gilles Bensimon, devoted their talents to the game. Each photographer created their own vision of this iconic piece, which over time has become an indispensable part of our wardrobe. The photographs were exhibited at the Galerie du Jour in Paris.

Seventy other photographers, including Peter Lindbergh, Bernard Plossu, Brigitte Lacombe, Jean Luc Moulène, Jean Christian Bourcart, Jean Loup Sieff, and Michael O’Brien, were included in the exhibition when their photos were shown as part of the exhibition at the Pompidou Centre in May 1996.

Today, agnès b. has given these photographs a new and more intimate life, enriched by adding new photographs by photographers Christophe Lebourg, Hananyo, Jean Bourgois, Sakiko Nomura, Marion Poussier, Wai Kit Lam… Eighty five photographs from the exhibition “Des photographes et le cardigan pression” will be exhibited simultaneously at the agnès b. boutiques in New York at 50 Howard Street, 1063 Madison Avenue, and 13 East 16th Street

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Martine Barrat

Gilles Bensimon

Sophie Calle

Marie-Laure de Decker

Steve Hiett

Dominique Issermann

William Klein

Sue Kwon

Duane Michals

Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Michel Philippot

Hannes Schmid

Jean-loup Sieff

Steven Silverstein

Shoji Ueda

Max Vadukul

Frederic Vidal

John Vink