Tim Barber

Tim Barber

May 15 - July 5, 2015
opening reception: Friday, May 15 (6–8pm)

agnès b. is pleased to present Blues, an exhibition by Tim Barber opening May 15 at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique in SoHo.
An 84-page catalog will be published on the occasion of the exhibition, available for purchase at the opening.

Tim Barber (b. Feb. 5, 1979) grew up in Amherst Massachusetts, lived for a few years in the mountains of Northern Vermont, studied photography in Vancouver B.C. and now lives in New York City. A photographer, curator and designer, Barber worked as the photo editor for Vice magazine (2003-2005) and founded the online gallery and image archive tinyvices.com (2005), which was released as a free App (2010) and eventually evolved into Time & Space (www.time-and-space.tv) (2013), a curated community platform for artists. Barber co-curated the inaugural New York Photo Festival (2008) along with Martin Parr (Magnum), Kathy Ryan (New York Times Magazine), and Leslie Martin (The Aperture Foundation). He also curated and edited a series of five monographs published by the Aperture Foundation (2008) and launched the independent publishing house TV Books (2008-2010). Barber is represented by Yuka Tsuruno Gallery (www.yukatsuruno.com) in Tokyo, Company Gallery in New York (www.companygallery.us) and commercially by Supervision (www.supervisionnewyork.com).

About the work:

“One of my earliest art-related memories is from elementary school, going to a cemetery and making charcoal rubbings of grave stones on flimsy newsprint. I remember thinking about it later on making contact prints in the darkroom in high-school, realizing it was a related process, making the linear connection between photography and archaic printmaking. I’ve always liked thinking about photos that way, that they are like very detailed rubbings of three dimensional reality, translations of impressions. It was this train of thought that brought me back to working with traditional cyanotypes for this new body of work. I was interested in what would happen in the intersection between the digital source images, taken with an iPhone camera, and this archaic blue-print process. I see these prints as re-translated impressions, charcoal rubbings of their originals.” - Tim Barber

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tim barber

tim barber

tim barber

Tim Barber Blues

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Blues by Tim Barber. 84-page catalog. Soft cover. First Edition of 1,000 copies.

$27 | order here