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Opening reception with the artist: February 1, 6-8pm 50 Howard Street, New York

agnès b. is pleased to announce an exhibition of short films and photographs by the artist Tommy Malekoff at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique in SoHo. Four films will play in the gallery on continual loop.

Films being shown:

The Outdoor World, 2016 - a short film set in Memphis, Tennessee, a city named after the ancient capital of Egypt. The film is centered around a giant steel pyramid and draws cultural connections between the two places that go beyond their nominal association. The Outdoor World features an original score by musician Joe Williams.

Untitled Home Videos, 2016 - a collection of video recordings from the artists’ cell phone, randomized and edited in the form of a diary or journal.

Perennial Shadows, 2017 - a short film about kudzu, an invasive vine native to Japan that grows rampant in the American South. Shot throughout various locations in North Carolina, Perennial Shadows explores different ways in which kudzu can totally consume the landscape of a town. The film features an original score by Joe Williams and a voiceover by musician Project Pat.

A fourth screen in the exhibition will feature an exclusive trailer for the artists’ upcoming film on American parking lots, as well as color photographs that were taken in correspondence with the films being shown.

Tommy Malekoff (b. 1992) is a New York based visual artist from North Carolina. His work with video and photography deals with insular worlds and displaced phenomenons in the American landscape. His work has been exhibited in New York, Detroit, and Tokyo

Tel. 212 548 9730

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